Included with the cost saving benefits of Conditioned® by Kelly Tekin Online Training Programs, you’ll have the comfort to train at your own facility or your own home when it’s convenient for you. You’ll gain the advantage of having your training program available to you wherever you are, as long as you have an internet connection on your phone! Your training program comes with a workout program and nutrition plan to help you reach your goals. You’ll receive your training regimen online every month. The training regimen comes with a different workout for you to do each day. You’ll know exactly which exercise to perform, the proper way to do it, how many sets/reps to do and how long of rest periods you should take. You will also have a nutrition plan to go along with your training for even faster results!

Gold Training $200/month*

Are you serious about getting in shape or going to the next level? The GOLD TRAINING is an excellent option for anyone interested in seeing results immediately! This is a very SPECIFIC training and nutrition program personalized to your body type and your individual goals. You’ll be able to communicate with Kelly at any time. Kelly designs a structured, individualized program and keeps it changing every month so that your body will not plateau. Kelly adjusts your training and nutrition program each month according to your goals to make sure you continue to see amazing results! Because Kelly puts so much time into designing your program, this is for people who are serious about changing their physiques and lifestyles. *A commitment of 6 months is required for this package.

Gym Camps $50/month

Do you ever go to the gym and feel confused? You don’t know which exercises and you don’t know if you’re doing them properly? The GYM CAMP is a great option for someone who wants structure! You will do workouts that are very similar to the workouts at Conditioned® by Kelly Tekin! This program is a mix of strength training and conditioning. The workouts are designed to focus on your overall strength and conditioning. You will have a nutrition plan to follow in this plan that will help you see results even faster! This plan is perfect for anyone looking to get into shape regardless of your age or fitness level. You will increase your cardiovascular fitness, get leaner and stronger, and increase your energy levels.

Fat Burner 60 Training $25/month

The FAT BURNER 60 is an excellent value. If you are interested in an intense program to see drastic results with just 60 minutes of training a week and a strict nutrition plan, the Fat Burner 60 Training is for you! The program is set up for people who do not have much time to put in at the gym. These are HOME WORKOUTS to get your body burning fat in just 20 minutes a day for 3 days out of your week! Every month, you will receive 12 new 20 minute workouts to keep things fun and mixed up so your body will continue to drop body fat. Get in shape in the shortest time possible!

Prenatal Training $25/month

The Prenatal Fitness program is for pregnant women who wish to stay in shape during and prepare their bodies to give birth. Optimal fitness and health can be achieved, and maintained throughout the trimesters and beyond with Kelly’s Prenatal Training. Prenatal Training provides women an opportunity to learn about the importance of fitness and nutritional needs during pregnancy. Each program varies from weights to stretching depending on the trimester. You will have a selection of workouts each month to choose from depending on how you are feeling each day. Your body will strengthen and tone muscles in the back, glutes, and legs to improve the body’s posture and prepare for birth. These strong muscles can help manage labor and delivery pains. In the event of a lengthy labor, the increased endurance you will gain from this program will be of great help during delivery!

How Does Online Training Work?

We start by building a customized training plan just for you. Bring your workouts to your own gym to track your progress. Kelly then reviews the progress you’ve made and then tweaks your workout plan. Sign up today and start your journey to fitness!

About Kelly Tekin, M.S.

Kelly Tekin received her Masters Degree from the University of New Mexico in Exercise Science and has been committed to achieving excellence in the field of fitness training and athletic performance. Specializing in sport-specific performance enhancement and program development, she has helped countless individuals and athletes reach their goals through sound scientific training and nutrition. As a national-level bodybuilding competitor and former professional soccer player of Germany, Ms. Tekin utilizes personal experience as an athlete along with the advanced theories of Exercise and Sports.

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